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Mission & History

Community Connections Coalitions are 21 partnerships that bring community services, community leaders, residents, and others together to talk about how to build stronger and healthier families and neighborhoods.  Coalition members teach each other about local strengths, determine what is needed and missing and work with others to get the funds, services and resources their communities need.

Community Connections Coalitions develop annual action plans focused on organizing comprehensive family support, based on four core functions that:

  • Facilitates a process for community-wide involvement, dialogue, and action on behalf of families and children
  • Mobilizes formal and informal resources to integrate resources to fill gaps and ensure that families have access to needed support
  • Educates the public about the importance of family support and advocates for needed resources
  • Engages the local DCF Area Office, contracted service providers and other state and local agencies in a process to promote community connected child welfare practice that aligns with DCF’s strategic priorities

Our Mission

At Lynn Community Connections Coalition, we understand your current and past challenges and our goal is to work with you to identify solutions based on your family’s needs.  We realize that every family is fighting a tough battle and every family is different and unique, however, we will continue to advocate for and empower to help support you to overcome challenges of negative influences to create a positive change within themselves and their community we serve through community partnerships, local resources and formal network of services, so that all can realize their full potential.

Our mission is to renew, restore and regain self-worth, self-esteem and wholeness back to the people we serve.  We are a coalition that strives to be the bridge that will point the families of our community to brighter and more fulfilling future.  Our mission will be focused upon people talking, listening and accepting-Breaking the stereotypes – “Branching Out – Reaching Deeper”

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